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Ranked among the top 15 Canadian cities where people are the happiest, Blainville is a dynamic city located in the province of Quebec, Canada.

A perfect harmony between nature and urban planning

Known for its warm and friendly community, Blainville offers exceptional quality of life to its residents.

Blainville also stands out for its exceptional natural setting. The city boasts numerous parks and green spaces, providing residents with outdoor relaxation opportunities.

Parc du Domaine Vert is a must-visit, with its hiking trails, picnic areas, and even a pool and water games to enjoy on sunny days. Access to the park for citizens of Blainville, Boisbriand, Mirabel, Sainte-Thérèse, and Rosemère is free!

Buyers looking to settle in Blainville will be charmed by its family-friendly environment. The city has quality schools, a low crime rate, and a strong community spirit. With a wide variety of activities and services offered to the population and numerous recreational facilities such as the Club de Golf Le Blainviller, the Equestrian Park, the recreational aquatic center, and 5 water games, residents can enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle.

Blainville enjoys a privileged geographical location, close to major highways and public transport networks. This offers residents the opportunity to enjoy the bustling urban life while benefiting from the tranquility and beauty of Blainville.

  • At the crossroads of highways 15 and 640
  • At the foot of the Laurentians
  • 30 minutes from Montreal
  • Efficient public transport network
  • Commuter train station with incentive parking

Discover the best quality of life in Quebec now! Blainville offers everything you need to live fully. From affordable condos and semi-detached houses to luxurious castles in the Fontainebleau neighborhood, Blainville offers a diversity of residences for all tastes and budgets. Take action now and join the thriving community of Blainville!

Programs and grants offered by the city of Blainville

  • Residential Renovation and Expansion Assistance Program

    This program offers financial aid to residents undertaking renovation or expansion works on their primary residence. The goal is to improve the quality, safety, and energy efficiency of residential properties.

  • Entrepreneurship Financial Assistance Program (PAFE)

    The PAFE offers financial support to Blainville entrepreneurs. It aims to encourage the development and growth of businesses by granting subsidies or loans to eligible businesses.

  • Financial Assistance Program for Commercial Renovation and for Replacing Freestanding Signs

    This program offers financial support to commercial establishments for renovation projects and for replacing freestanding signs. It promotes the improvement of commercial spaces in Blainville.

  • "One Birth, One Tree" Program

    This program offers a cash rebate or a tree planting voucher to celebrate the birth of a child in Blainville. It promotes environmental sustainability and encourages residents to plant trees.

  • Associative Family Discount

    The associative family discount program allows families to receive a reimbursement of 20% of the total amount spent on enrolling their children in certain associations, up to a maximum of $200 per session of summer and winter activities.

Programs and grants offered by the city of Blainville

  • Subsidy for the Purchase of New Washable Diapers

    A subsidy for the purchase of new washable diapers. It aims to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly diaper practices.

  • Subsidy for the Purchase of Sustainable Feminine Hygiene Products

    A subsidy for the purchase of sustainable feminine hygiene products. It promotes environmental awareness and encourages the use of reusable alternatives.

  • Subsidy for the Purchase of a New Home Composter

    A subsidy for the purchase of a new home composter. It encourages residents to compost organic waste and reduce landfill waste.

  • Subsidy for the Purchase of a Mulching Blade or a New Mulching Mower

    A subsidy for the purchase of a mulching blade or a new mulching mower. It aims to help residents efficiently maintain their gardens and yards.

  • Subsidy for the Purchase of a Low-Flow Toilet to Replace an Old Toilet

    A $75 mail-in rebate for the purchase of a low-flow toilet to replace an old toilet. It encourages water conservation and efficiency.

  • Subsidy for the Purchase of a Rainwater Harvesting System

    A $40 mail-in rebate for the purchase of a rainwater harvesting system. It encourages residents to collect rainwater for various uses, such as watering plants and gardens.

  • Subsidy for the Purchase and Installation of a Home Electric Vehicle Charging Station

    A $100 mail-in rebate for the purchase and installation of a home electric vehicle charging station. It promotes the use of electric vehicles and supports the development of electric vehicle infrastructure in Blainville.

  • Citizen Card

    The citizen card is an identification card issued by the city that allows residents to access various services, such as activities and the library.

    The city of Blainville offers a perfect mix of urban amenities and natural beauty, making it an attractive choice for buyers and families looking for a welcoming and high-quality community.

Les Sentiers du Maréchal

With a separate and independent entrance, Les Sentiers du Maréchal is located at the intersection of Chemin du Plan Bouchard and boulevard Céloron.

Ideal for families, it is characterized by its large lots ranging from 8,000 to 19,800 square feet. Within walking distance of the Equestrian Park, where all annual parties and festivals take place, it's an ideal place to watch the summer fireworks directly from your yard.

You will find all the essential services for your quality of life in the neighborhood, such as:

  • French and English schools, as well as a Montessori school.
  • Facilities for sports and recreation (arena, tennis, soccer, biking, skatepark)
  • Several daycares, family environments, and CPEs
  • Recreational aquatic center
  • 2 minutes from the commuter train
  • Bus route 71

From your first visit, you will be charmed by the beauty of the contemporary architectural style houses and the unique living environment. This exclusive neighborhood of 220 single-family homes majestically integrates the beauty of urban architecture with that of nature.

This prestigious domain, crisscrossed by magnificent woodlands, located east of Blainville's Equestrian Park, is also surrounded by a protected area and the magnificent Plan Bouchard woodland. The 3.25 km circuit, partially built on boardwalks, allows learning more about the history of this site, which was at the origin of the creation of the city of Blainville. This woodland, covering nearly 40 hectares and largely swampy, presents a diverse flora and fauna as well as remnants of what was, during World War II, a munitions filling factory.

This neighborhood represents the best in luxury design and architecture.


Close to highway 640, between the Jardins de Blainville, Blainville-sur-le-lac, and the Chambéry neighborhood, you will find the famous Fontainebleau neighborhood. The classic and contemporary style houses illuminate this neighborhood of 8,817 residents.

Located in the heart of the Fontainebleau neighborhood, the magnificent Sentiers des ravins de Fontainebleau runs along a small watercourse for more than 1,500 meters and gives access to a wooded area covering nearly 20 hectares. The trails are accessible from boulevard de Fontainebleau at the corner of rue de Montauban and Côme, rue de Maintenon, and rue du Castillo.

Furthermore, a Facebook group "Les Voisins de Fontainebleau à Blainville" allows you to stay connected with your neighbors and learn more about upcoming activities.

Blainville-sur-le Lac

Welcome to the prestigious Point Zéro sur le lac neighborhood, now named Blainville-sur-le-lac. Born from a former abandoned quarry, Blainville-sur-le-Lac is today a true paradise corner with several facilities reserved for its residents. You notably benefit from private access to the outdoor pool, the lake, kayaking, paddleboarding, and pedalo, its tennis/pickleball court, beach volleyball, petanque, and its children's park.

Numerous community festivities are organized throughout the year, and it's really an ideal place for trick-or-treating with children on Halloween or strolling at Christmas to admire the magnificent decorations when the holiday spirit is at its peak!

Mixed architectural designs of classic, contemporary, and modern houses arranged on large plots, ranging in size from 7,000 to 25,000 square feet, enhance the streets of this secluded sector of Blainville. Whether you are looking for a sumptuous residence on rue des Lotus, rue des Roseaux, in one of the cul-de-sacs, or on one of the secondary streets, the price of a house in this neighborhood varies between $800,000 and $3.5 million.

If you are looking for a prestigious waterfront home less than 30 minutes from downtown Montreal, the Blainville-sur-le-Lac neighborhood will certainly meet your expectations.


The ecological and chic Chambéry neighborhood is a significant sustainable residential project that combines natural spaces with a contemporary urban area. It is an ambitious initiative, with a unique and innovative signature, aimed at promoting the well-being and conviviality of the residents of Blainville and Terrebonne. Nearly 3,000 contemporary-style housing units will be built in this neighborhood.

A key aspect of the project is the promotion of a distinctive architectural setting, thus giving Chambéry a particular identity that is both contemporary and modern, recognized by its flat roofs.

The neighborhood's layout emphasizes green spaces and wooded trails, in an ecological effort to minimize impacts on fauna and flora.

At the heart of Chambéry will be Place de la Savoie, an urban center that fosters neighborhood ties and will be a welcoming place for socialization. Place de la Savoie will also serve as a gathering point for events and will host public art works.

The neighborhood will also see the birth of an urban hub including restaurants, shops, and various local businesses, as well as a vast public square for holding events and exhibitions. Thanks to ecological corridors, residents will have access to walking trails, a bike path, and lush nature, fulfilling their desire for tranquility.

This large-scale project is one of the last major real estate projects in Blainville. This project, close to the Fontainebleau neighborhood, respects environmental imperatives by protecting the ecological corridor that links the Grand-Coteau forest, in Lorraine, to the Plan Bouchard peat bogs, in Blainville.

Discover the best quality of life in Quebec now!

Blainville offers everything you need to live fully. From affordable condos and semi-detached houses to luxurious castles in the Fontainebleau neighborhood, Blainville offers a diversity of residences for all tastes and budgets. Take action now and join the thriving community of Blainville!

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